M1 iMac with mimoLive 6

I’ve been using a 27" mid 2013 iMac for a live stream for our school morning broadcasts. Haven’t had a problem before now. But now we’re focusing on recording streams and playing back later. The hard drive is still an old 7200 platter drive. Considering the age, I thought it was time to switch to newer hardware.

Since Mimolive 6 is now universal, has anybody been running on m1 iMacs without issue? Was going to get a 16 gig 512 gig model. Don’t need portability, and can’t justify going to Mac Studio hardware.

I searched the forums, and only found pre-mimo6 references. We really don’t have more than 5 or 6 layers running at any one time, and want to start using pre-recorded inserts to the stream. One camera now, with a possibility of a second down the line. No fancy multi stream input.

Any feelings?

Hi @bobd The M1 iMac is basically identical to an M1 Mac mini adding a nice display. I would expect performance to be the same as the M1 Mac mini, so you should be able to work well with it. I recommend 16 GB RAM.

i have an M1 mini with 8GB of RAM and sometimes run mimiLive as a virtual camera just for kicks. haven’t been steaming lately but no major issues lately on M1 for me. i bought the mini as an interim measure waiting to see what came about with M2 MBPs and then Studio emerged.

i’ll probably get an M2 mini Pro model in February/March it they come out then, max it out and see how it goes with a half a dozen incoming mimoCall connections on a fastish broadband connection (or 60dn/20up but if i pay more i can get up to 120dn/?up)

i would recommend waiting for the mini Pro (seems to be a legit thing according to many on macrumours) , if only because second hand M1 mini prices will fall accordingly then.

the cat’s out, mini m2 pro. you gonna get it now maxed out? let us know how it goes with mimolive when you test it soon.

Hi @Design_District_Stud We don’t expect any issues.