M1 iMac with mimoLive 6

I’ve been using a 27" mid 2013 iMac for a live stream for our school morning broadcasts. Haven’t had a problem before now. But now we’re focusing on recording streams and playing back later. The hard drive is still an old 7200 platter drive. Considering the age, I thought it was time to switch to newer hardware.

Since Mimolive 6 is now universal, has anybody been running on m1 iMacs without issue? Was going to get a 16 gig 512 gig model. Don’t need portability, and can’t justify going to Mac Studio hardware.

I searched the forums, and only found pre-mimo6 references. We really don’t have more than 5 or 6 layers running at any one time, and want to start using pre-recorded inserts to the stream. One camera now, with a possibility of a second down the line. No fancy multi stream input.

Any feelings?

Hi @bobd The M1 iMac is basically identical to an M1 Mac mini adding a nice display. I would expect performance to be the same as the M1 Mac mini, so you should be able to work well with it. I recommend 16 GB RAM.

i have an M1 mini with 8GB of RAM and sometimes run mimiLive as a virtual camera just for kicks. haven’t been steaming lately but no major issues lately on M1 for me. i bought the mini as an interim measure waiting to see what came about with M2 MBPs and then Studio emerged.

i’ll probably get an M2 mini Pro model in February/March it they come out then, max it out and see how it goes with a half a dozen incoming mimoCall connections on a fastish broadband connection (or 60dn/20up but if i pay more i can get up to 120dn/?up)

i would recommend waiting for the mini Pro (seems to be a legit thing according to many on macrumours) , if only because second hand M1 mini prices will fall accordingly then.