Lower volume added soundtrack


I have a slideshow with pictures and a movie with sound. The movie is between pictures.
When I add a soundtrack to the slideshow, I would like to lower the volume when the movie is playing, since the movie has it’s own sound. After the movie I want to continue with the soundtrack. Is it possible to temporarily lower the volume of the soundtrack?
I know I can shorten the soundtrack to where the movie starts and start it again when the movie finishes, but I would like to know if I can continue the soundtrack, but just lower the volume for a certain time. Before I used Pinnacle Studio, and there I could lower the volume by just moving the volume line of the soundtrack down.

Thanks for your support.


This feature is called “Ducking”. You switch it on by checking “Ducking” in the options panel for the movie. When switched on, the “others soundtrack volumes” gets lowered by the amount you entered here.

Hello Achim, Thanks for your answer. But with ducking I suppress the volume of the video clip in my slideshow. However, I want to lower the volume of the audio track that I have over the pictures and the video clip, so that the volume of the video clip can be heard. Is that possible? Thanks, Marc

Hello Achim, just found out what you meant, it is working. Thanks again.