lost sync with music

I’ve a very strange problem.
I did a slide show with FM with some sharp transitions (CUT), synced with music.
Exporting the slide show as “stand alone”, this works without problems on the monitor of the Mac Pro/MacBook pro, but the transitions are out of sync on the second display, Apple Cinema Display or projector!
It’s singular that the sync has no problem in the .MOV version. (but the quality is less than the standalone!).
Could you help me, please?
Thank you a lot

during the playback of a show it might happen that the computer is not able to catch up with the audio, as i.e the images are too big to be loaded to video memory in the estimated time. This might only be a millisecond per slide but will add up after 100 slides. Then the slideshow is a little off sync. If you, for example, just play the last 5 slides, FotoMagico will calculate the start timecode to start in the audiofile and then it only plays the last slides. As the slideshowis now only i.e 5 milliseconds off you wont be able to notice this. To avoid this it is helpful to use audio markers for syncing audio to slides

You’re right Bastian, photos are really hi-res, so I agree with your explanation. What I find really odd is the perfect sync on my Lacie but not on my Led cinema display (the first monitor is Lacie). Unlucky I can’t use audio marker because I synced not only transition but test too. Thank you a lot.

Please try this: Duplicate your slideshow in the finder. Now open one of them and use the scaling functionality in FotoMagico by clicking on the exclamation mark on one of the slide icons and select “scale down all images”. now please retry.

It works! Thank you again

I seem to be having a similar problem, but not sure scaling can be the cause. All images are scaled and ready to go. they are all set to be displayed at 100%. I have no exclamation warnings in the timeline. All slides are displayed for at least 3.4 seconds, with a transition. The computer is a top of the line MacBook Pro, with plenty of rendering power. yet when I play the show, eventually the music isn’t matching the audio track, the timing of audio markers in the audio track when playing no longer correspond with the timing of them flashing in the time counter. The only way the music syncs correctly is if I render to video, something I would prefer not do to maintain quality. I was hoping to create stand alone players The main reason I purchased this product was to control the timings and have them sync correctly with the audio.