Losing source if it's not highlighted in the layer stack


I have a powerpoint laptop coming on sdi via a Blackmagic quad 2 duo.

The problem I have is… if it’s not highlighted in the layer stack it goes to black until I highlight it again. This applies both to the preview and the output.

Any suggestions?

By any chance are you using a new M1 based Mac?

No… its an intel 12 core MacPro 5.1

This could be a firmware problem, when you have black images (not transparent images). I cannot use quad 2 with the current firmware. I downgraded it to - I think - 11.5, to use it propper. I’m not Infront of the computer, I can have a look on it later.

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Thanks JoPhi,

I’ll try downgrading the BM firmware when I get into the studio tomorrow.

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I tried downgrading the BM firmware but the issue persists.

I then decided to bypass the Blackmagic and bring the sources in via NDI instead …and the same thing happened!

It made for a very uncomfortable show today.

I’m at a bit of a loss at what to try next.

I don’t want to go through another show making sure the source I want to go live is highlighted in the layer stack first!

Does this also happen when the source is also inside a multi view? Live sources should be placed inside of it., to keep em alive. (top right corner of the main window, left button of two.)

Yes… I use the multi view.
The signal drops out from the multiview as well as all other previews/outputs.
Its only when I highlight the source in the layer stack that the image comes back.

And you use 5.10.1 release version? :thinking::thinking::thinking:
I’d suggest so write to support@boinx.com - please include your full configuration details, also a spindump of the process while the phenomenon and one before the phenomenon (activity monitor). It could be - I guess - a rare situation, caused by maybe a particular hardware combination.


As described, please click on mimoLive instead of the Adobe product.

Yes I am currently on 5.10.1
5.10 which had been fine before didn’t solve it either.

I think you’re right and it’s probably something weird happening in my setup.

I’ll do the spindump and contact support when I can get back to the studio in a week or so.

Thanks for your help!

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