Looping a video

Is there a way to output a video (4K) that will loop — as in play over and over?

The only way I know to loop a video in FM is to insert it into your presentation over and over again, and then play it (not exactly “looping,” is it?). Sad, but true at the moment – as far as I know. Which meant if you had a 1 hour video, for instance, and wanted it to play 24 hours straight, you’d have to insert it into the presentation 24 times in a row – then again, it would STOP at the end of the 24th play anyway, no matter what :frowning:

It would be nice if there was a very basic if-then and/or for-next processes (“programming language”?) built in that could handle requirements such as that and then jump to a particular slide number.

@“Robert DeJonge” Thank you for using FotoMagico.

@stantastic is correct that you can’t loop videos in the timeline. If you want to play the entire slideshow in a loop, there are several ways to do that:

  1. Attach a Mac to the screen that should show the slideshow and use FotoMagico to play the slideshow. You can set the show to loop in the menu Slideshow -> Settings -> Options.

  2. If you export a slideshow to a video and want this video to loop, that’s a function of the video player. For example, playing the video with the QuickTime Player, you can choose View -> Loop to make the slideshow loop.

@Oliver – thanks for clarifying that :slight_smile: I was assuming Robert wanted to loop a video inserted into a slideshow (with perhaps still slides (or even another video) placed in front and/or in back of the inserted video). It might be assumed that when he used the term “video” that he meant the entire presentation, and that the whole presentation itself perform a loop. But to loop anything WITHIN THE TIMELINE, as you said, can’t be done – at least not yet :wink: (hint, hint, hint!!)