Looking For A Great Camera

I am looking for a great camera to use as a webcam for my live streams. I want it to be camera I can use in the field as well. I am looking at the Sony ZV E10 and the Sony FX30. Main reason I like these, is they are built to plug in as a webcam, without needing coding dongles, etc.

But wanted to know of other good choices. There are some nice Panasonics as well as Blackmagic pocket Cinema.

Any suggestions would be great

I found it to be impractical to have only one camera that I would have to re-rig for stationary use and field use. Also, there are very different requirements. While the web cam is typically more wide angled you probably want a tele lens for field use. The UVC driver from MacOS isn’t very great, so I usually recommed a Thunderbolt capture device or NDI.