LIVEU OR TVU ---> Into Mimolive Over Network!

Im Thinking of getting a LIVEU Solo or a TVU One, However i want to get the Video into Mimolive without having to window capture it from a browser. @Oliver_Breidenbach is this possible with Mimolive?

This will make it possible to do outside reporting directly back to our studio with little to no delay also better video and audio quality than zoom, skype, mimocall etc.

LiveU Also TVU can stream to RTMP, it will be great if mimolive can act as a server somewhat so i can put the url and key into the LIVEu - TVU Unit and stream the camera out in the field directly into mimolive.

other than LIVEU or TVU there are Sony, Panasonic, JVC Cameras out there that does ip streaming as well that can totally eliminate to use Of a TVU or LIVEU Unit and stream directly to Mimolive from out in the field.

Is any of this Possible? or Will Be?

mimoCall is using WebRTC which is designed for low latency communications and provides high audio and video quality if the internet connection allows.

The benefit of LiveU Solo or TVU One are that they provide their own internet access which has a few tricks to make it work better than a standard LTE connection via your phone.

The price is that they are a closed system. They only provide video and audio at the other end so they can’t be used for mimoCall.

For your solution, you need to have a receiving device that provides the video and audio via NDI or SDI and then capture NDI or SDI in mimoLive. I admit I’m not familiar enough with the solutions of both vendors to give you advice on which one to choose.

You can use RTMP in mimoLive via an RTMP to NDI bridge, but RTMP will always add some latency.

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Is there any plan to add SRT as an input to mimolive? There are a lot of similar systems similar to LiveU that support SRT out which would be a great addition to allow live shows from a remote location whilst the MimoLive operator is in the warmth of a gallery or studio :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feature request. It is on our list.


I purchased a system from a company called Intinor. Works like LiveU and others using bonded networks. They dont require a cloud service or monthly fees like LiveU does.

It does require a received hardware component, which can output NDI or SDI into a mimo system.

It works very well for me.

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Hello @Art_Aldrich, how much did the Intinor system cost?

About $12K for the backpack and $6K for the media server (receiver). You can add options as needed. Super flexible.

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@Art_Aldrich Hey man im very interested in these types of solutions, id like to know if the device that goes on your back, do you need the tall antennas with it of the mobile unit has modems in it and battery and can work stand alone?

The backpack unit comes with 3 sets of antennas. The tall mast shown in the picture, a suction cup set for a window and a screw-on 6" set to use without the mast. In addition, the encoder easily comes off the ez-rig vest, and can be used as a tabletop setup.

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Great!! Another thing, once i have the mobile uni9t and the receiver unit… all i need will be sim cards for the mobile unit… internet to the reciever a camera to the mobile unit and i’m ready to go? Also is the mobile unit able to do a video return?

Thank you.

Yes, basically use any combo of sims. For me I use 2 ATT and 2 T-Mobile.

Return video is possible. It requires a software feature that can be purchase or rented on the router. The backpack has a HDMI for that return feed.

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