Livestreaming Recommendations (Wowza, Dacast, Ant ?)

Hi there wonderful Mimo people…I’m looking to run livestream version of my doc and wondering if you had recommendations. Low-latency and low-cost! Using Mimo and looking for a HTML5 player as part of the service iframed on our website. 50-1000 users (students) joining live.

Forgive the silly questions but Mimolive is RTMP only? Or is webRTC possible? I see that Wowza for example suggests latency is lower with OBS because of webRTC than RTMP.

This is what confused me - top left it has WebRTC ~500ms and bottom left is has RTMP ~1000ms. So my question is there a way to setup so Mimolive stream ~500ms or will it be >1000ms

When I stream to YT, the latency differs from YT mode to mode there. About one second in low latency mode to 30 seconds in “normal” mode. (How long does it take to reach the viewer?).

With virtual webcam and zoom (for instance) it’s a thing of “zero” latency. (at least totally in sync with BMD-out.) - and finally it’s zooms cloud how fast it is at the end point.

Finally the LAN speed (in more details: ping milliseconds) influences everything.

Hope, these thoughts help.

Thanks! I’m thinking of Dacast or Wowza?

Any experience which would work best with Mimolive - lowest latency?

BTW your M1 Max videos are fantastic and convinced me to go ahead. Apple owe you commission :wink:

Will try changing mode on YT too…I hadnt realised you could but now I see. The delay was frustrating for my use case - maybe ultra low YT will be sufficient.

What do you think of my LAN connection - should get good results no? I’m in rural India!!!

Screenshot 2021-11-27 at 16.39.21

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Seems to be that you’re in great conditions with LAN! :smiley:
Do Dacast or Wowza accept WebCams as an input? I never used a restreaming- or cloud service.

You’re welcome. Some more detailed tests are coming soon.