Live: Stump the mimoLive Experts!

We’re trying a new live format: mimoLive users challenge me and Achim to (re-)create interesting layouts and visual effects in mimoLive. (The title is inspired by the “Stump the experts” format from Apple WWDCs past.)

To enter, post an image or video clip in this thread that shows the layout or visual effect Achim and I should reproduce in the live stream.

If we pick your suggestion, you get a commemorative coffee mug. If we can’t reproduce it in 30 min or less, you get a mug with “I stumped the mimoLive Experts!” signed by Achim and me.



i’m in!

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@did Very cool! Is that your show? What’s the story behind this? Is it made live? What tools are they using now?

Yep, mine.

It is live show to instagram (via instafeed) and ticktok and to facebook simultaneously.(second ML as 1:1 square template)

Me + 2 guests via skype (windows capture + blackhole)

3 auto follow layer + playlist of backgrounds

@did That is awesome! Thanks for posting the layer stack, that will make it easy for us not to be stumped… :wink:

This is great @did i love seeing other peoples projects. It’s a great way to learn what mimoLive is capable of doing. Thank you.

That’s the idea of this whole thread! I hope it inspires people.

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How about my very own, custom-made, completely technicolor Super Chat layer set, @Oliver_Boinx ?


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This is VERY cool! And I can’t understand a single word in Russian! :joy:

Yes, great! and Please sell it to Boinx, I’d need it too and I have no Idea about QC or the YT/Google-API. Cue-Points would be also great, to submit the right time of advertisement.

Hi @profgustavoreis That is awesome! But beyond the scope of this contest, as it is easy to make it look like that and not so easy to actually get the data from YouTube. How did you do that?

WHAT? Did I just stump the mimoLive Experts?! :joy: hehhehhehehe

In a nutshell, I use 2 IFTTT services:

The first one stores Super Chat information in a Google Sheet in real time:

The second one monitors this Google Sheet for changes and then, as soon as a new line is added, triggers a Keyboard Maestro macro in my Mac using a webhook (I also needed a Dynamic DNS service to make it happen, but that’s fine).

This macro parses Super Chat information and splits it so that fields can be stored into variables. Then I use these variables to update the corresponding mimoLive layers using API calls. When everything is ready, it displays a prompt:

If I choose “Go for it!”, Super Chat is displayed on screen, and another prompt is shown:

I thought this was better than accepting the interruptions that we see on Twitch all the time when these notifications are set to be displayed automatically. If I’m live talking about something, I can choose the best moment to address the Super Chat. Messages are displayed sequentially using a first in, first out method, and the next prompt is only displayed when the macro related to the previous one is completed.

Full Disclosure: @Achim_Boinx has helped me a lot while I was trying to figure out how to update the user picture in real time. We ended up using a Slideshow source which basically monitors a folder where there is always a single image – the user picture itself! Achim has even updated the Slideshow source so that it would fade in smoothly… sweet! #BoinxSupportisthebestintheworld

Next step: a local Keyboard Maestro macro that shows me a summary of, say, the 10 most recent Super Chats so that I can easily display previous messages on screen. By the way, I’ve built this original workflow like this on purpose just to make sure I don’t miss any Super Chats (which may easily happen when the livestream is busy).

I hope this helps!

All the best,


Hunting for tipps? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

thx for explaining. <3