Live streaming DJI drone footage

The most recent mimoLive version offers a new way to stream video from a DJI drone using the Litchi app’s RTMP streaming capability and the FFmpeg source.

More Info: Live Streaming DJI Drone footage - mimoLive - 5

Where is Mimolive 6.0b9?

Ah, someone paid attention. :slight_smile:

Coming soon-ish. 6.0b8 also works, but not as smoothly.

:smiley: Well, I cannot wait for it!

I’m going to be demonstrating consumer drones and real-world use cases to an elementary school group and trying to figure out if there is a way to transmit the video to a monitor, or computer while in flight. If this is possible can someone please provide instructions? I am sorry if it is a fundamental question, Actually, I am a beginner. I’ll be using a Mavic 3 with a Standard remote and an Air 2s with a standard remote

This can easily be done with mimoLive. As outlined in the link in the first post in this thread, you can set up mimoLive to receive an RTMP stream from the app Litchi which is used to control the Mavic drone. From mimoLive you can easily send the video to a screen, the school network or any streaming destination.

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