Live Stream Complete Freeze-up

Eversince I switched to 5.9, my live streams are freezing up the entire computer. I have to hard re-start. This is not effecting record to disk, only when I go live. Sometimes it happens in a few seconds, sometimes in a few minutes, but it has happened every time.

System iMac Pro, OS 11.0.1

Live stream with? YouTube?, Facebook? …

Oops, sorry. Facebook.

I am experiencing this issue as well can we get this rectified ASAP

HI @Ray_Lane @Judah_Peters Sorry to hear this. Is there a message from macOS after you restart? Can you please send me the System Profile?

Are you using the RTMP info or the mimoLive Facebook integration?

Using the FB integration

Here is the profile

There was no message when re-starting the machine (no kernel panic, etc)

Thanks for sending the profile. I can’t see anything out of the extraordinary there. How do you get your video into mimoLive? USB webcam? NDI?

USB. A Logitech C920. Same cam for the last 3 years