Live speaker support requires more flexible sound handling


I have now spend an evening with the demo version of Foto Magico. What I am missing is the possibility to reduce the soundtrack level at a certain point of time and later increase again - this is necessary for live speaker support. I don’t want to record the comments, but speak live to my audience (as many professional presenters are doing) but would like to skip operating a mixer manually. F.M. does not seem to support this feature. Really don’t want to go back to a certain windows software, to be able to do this. Did I miss this function here?


You are right, FotoMagico currently don’t support editing the volume of an audio file over time. FotoMagico is meant for live presentation and thats why you can control the volume in other ways when presenting live: With the scroll wheel or touch sensor of your mouse, or with the FotoMagico Remote control app for iPhone. We think it is hard to get the timing right when speaking live. However I put your feature request on our wish list!

Yes this is a defenit must!

We’ll have that in an upcoming update. Thanks for the feedback.