Live Recording Audio Out of Synch

Forgive what may be a rookie error but I’m having a lot of issues with the Audio/video synch of my show recordings.

The livestream is perfect and the Zoom recording is also in synch. But the live recording file goes out of synch. I presume it is due to video frame dropping but the audio carrying on. How can I have the video continue in some way so it stays in synch even if a frame drops?

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Its taking me a long time to detach audio and resynchronise in FCPX.

It’s hard to give hints without knowing anything about hardware or your document… General: avoid too performance intensive tasks. :slight_smile:

I am sorry! I missed your reply. Thank you JoPhi.

The problem persists. It seems to be ok until I do a second screen share - so I presume that is because I am overloading the system and getting video frame drop.

I’m on an MBP 2018 i7 32gb and push it to the CPU limits with MimoLive.

Not sure if there is anything you can do to advise me further.

I’m about to start teaching another course so revisiting this frame dropping problem. The Zoom version is fine but low resolution so I like to record the 1080p from Mimolive. However I find that frame dropping means the Mimo recording is often out of sync after a while. This takes me a really long time to correct in FCPX.

Any tips for how I can avoid this? Attached are the error messages I get periodically popping up in broadcast recoding. I dont really understand these.

Will getting a new M1 Mac solve this? Or is there something I can do with my existing machine to negate the need to manually resync the audio/video recording?

Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 13.00.41
Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 12.59.28

@Nick_Booker From the screenshots I would say that your computer is seriously overwhelmed with what you’re doing. What model is it?

Whether the M1 will solve this depends on what the overall situation is. Are you using other apps on the same computer? How many sources do you have? How many output destinations?

One thing you can try is to switch to ProRes for the recording. While it needs much more space, it doesn’t require h.264 encoding.

Yes I think my computer would agree with you!

I’m sharing screen including video playback plus camera (sometimes with chroma).

Document size is 1080 and I am sending it via virtual camera to Zoom.

I will test pro-res…maybe that will help.

Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 14.39.58

For what it’s worth my 2014 MacBook Pro could never achieve a good recording on my projects. The projects push this old machine to the limits. The project would typically have had 2 mimoCalls, 4 other sources and multiple audio and video playbacks while streaming to FB and pushing a virtual camera to Zoom.

My new MacMini M1 16GB, handles the same project with ease and can record 2 outputs to local storage with no dropped frames.

As @Oliver_Boinx it all depends on your project. I just thought this might be if use to you as a reference based on my experience.

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Thanks! I’m holding out for M1 MAX but its weeks away and I’m broadcasting again starting monday.

Ive just cracked an interesting hack thats improved my machine performance considerably - doing the Keying in OBS first!

  1. Run camera into OBS (I’m using DSLR via Camlink 4k)
  2. Use OBS chroma key filter
  3. Add a flat green background.
  4. Activate OBS Virtual Camera
  5. In Mimolive add OBS VC as Source
  6. Use Mimolive Chroma Key Pro (not Basic) to remove Green
  7. Add as Source
  8. Recording Output HEVC (which I think is fine for my use case)

This seems to use less CPU (resulting in fewer dropped frames etc).

Fingers crossed this sustains!

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