Linked vs embedded photos

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I have a question does FM6 still automatically embed all teh photos and videos into the .fms file?

Or is it now possible to link the photos, so that the .fms file won’t be so heavy?

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Hi @jorge Photos are embedded in the .fms file in order to allow it to be moved around. I will ask engineering about the option to only reference photos, but I think with all the different sources available (online and offline) nowadays, this option might be too hard to get right.

Hi Oliver,

Many thanks for your quick reply.
My experience with FM5 was that the fms file was getting way too big. I noticed that the fms file kept all the photos in its file even ones that were not in the presentation any longer. It makes for a very bloated file.

Most pro image or video software, be it in the Desktop publishing or Video editing world, link the source files, so that it is the user who controls where the source files are stored and not the software. Most have then of course also the option to assemble or archive the files that were used, in one single file or folder.

It gives you way more control of your files and of your storage space :wink:

Is this still the same in FM6?

Thank you for your feedback and kind regards


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