Limits of licensing, i.e. commercial-use?


I would like to understand the limitations placed on the various editions of the Boinx products with respect to “commercial-use”. Here, by “commercial-use”, I mean that I am evaluating software I will purchase to assist with creating training materials, primarily for use by other employees, but possibly shared with people that have a business relationship with my company. Are the “home”, “express”, and “pro” editions licensed similarly, or are there differences beyond the feature set?

I cannot seem to easily locate the appropriate information on any of the product pages or at Kagi. I expect I will find the terms by downloading and installing under the demo license, but it would be a lot nicer to have the information readily accessible.

If I have overlooked the information, please share a link with me. In the meantime, I’ll start downloading…

Hi there, for things you create with any Boinx product, you are the sole owner of all rights. They are yours to do with as you please. If you use images, videos, sounds, music or other media not included with our products, you need to make sure that you also license those for the planned use.

The various “editions” only differ in feature set.

The only exception for this is the BoinxTV Sponsored Edition (which is no longer available for purchase but is still valid for existing licensees). This Sponsored Edition requires you to add a credit “Created with BoinxTV” in your video.

I hope this clears up things. Enjoy using our products for your projects.




I’m new with BoinxTV. I just purchased it from the Mac App Store but here’s the problem. I wasn’t sent a license code or anything and I didn’t have a choice about the installation that I recall. As soon as I completed the purchase it started downloading and installing on my MacBookPro. I wanted it on my iMac Desktop Computer. How do I get it over to my iMac now? Don’t I have the right to move it over to my main computer on my network? I have no idea what to move or what my license is or how I’m supposed to back it up to protect it for the future. The App Store is going to make me purchase another one just to install it on my iMac. That doesn’t seem right. I should certainly be able to move the software and back it up after paying several hundred dollars for it. I know people want to get away from sending out disks for overhead, etc… and companies want to protect against piracy but at this extreme I certainly feel as though I can’t even control or protect the software I purchased. This is my first purchase and possibly my last from the Mac App Store if this is the way it works. Any help would be appreciated. I don’t want to delete it on my MBP until I find out how I can properly back it up and move it to my iMac. Per the Mac App Store I am supposed to be able to have access to my install for 5 computers that I own. Now I only expect to use it on one at any given time since I thought that is what I was paying for but I think I should be the one who is able to back it up without having to backup my whole system. I just need some answers at this point. Your help would certainly be appreciated.


If you install it on your second machine via the Mac App Store with the same account you used for purchase, you won’t be charged again, even if it looks like it would cost again.

This is not very clear by Apple and this process is not designed by us, this applies to every application on the Mac App Store. I totally agree that these processes could be easier/clearer, but this is out of our influence…

Enjoy BoinxTV!

@Oliver (Boinx) I’m trying to update my BoinxTV sponsored edition but a signature issue is popping up not letting me to finish my update. Any ideas? Help.


I’m new with BoinxTV. I just purchased it from the Mac App Store but here’s the problem. I wanted it on my iMac Desktop Computer. How do I get it over to my iMac now? Your help would certainly be appreciated.


Ok, you didn’t ask me for help but I can help you. Go to your iMac, open the Mac App Store put your Apple ID (the one you use to buy the app) and click on the “Purchases” Tab you will find the app there, at the right you will have a link for installation. Good luck!