Limitations of Zoom Meeting integration

I have mainly used ZoomISO to pull feeds into Mimo over NDI.

My first experience using Mimo Zoom integration has some issues for me.

For one, it seems that I cannot use Zoom sources to send to full screen output (for a iPad display in a telepromper). Nor can I use zoom source for Virtual Cam output.

Is this a limitation that will be addressed or a restriction of Zoom?

Hi @Art_Aldrich Thanks for checking out the Zoom integration and for letting us know about the experience.

Did I understand correctly that you want to use a Zoom source to play out ISO to a Full Screen output and/or Virtual Camera output? This should work.

Or did I miss something?

Are you seeing the video from the source in Program Out when you assign it to a Placer?

Hi Oliver,

Yes, you understand correctly.

I can choose the zoom meeting participants but the actual output is just black. Any other non-zoom source works properly.

Which version of mimoLive? Can you try 6.5b3 if you’re not using it yet?

Yes, I was using 65B3.