Lightroom Interface


Imported all (Raw) images into Lightroom 5.5. Changed image properties to 16:9. Exported to file folder in JPG format (quality 100%). Imported export file folder into Lightroom.

When placing the same image on the storyboard through the Lightroom interface from the “export folder” or directly from the file folder containing the images, different size temporary files are being generated and sometimes the image quality is very poor (when selecting from Lightroom).

Advantage of using Lightroom, is that the sequence of the images is the original date/time when the picture was taken.

Does anybody have seen the same behavior and has a solution / suggestion?

Thanks, Robert

I’m having the same problem and looking for solutions, a file size of 4000+ X 6000+ is generating or showing as a 240x360 file???

Answer from Boinx:

To get image versions of your photos that contain all the adjustments you made to the picture, we need to rely on the JPEG previews Lightroom generates. Sometimes these don’t get updated or are set to a low resolution.

To fix that, there are two possible solutions:

1.1 Close Fotomagico

1.2 Open Lightroom and make sure you are in the “Library” Module and in “Grid View”.

1.3 Now select all images that you want the previews to be updated.

1.4 Click “Library” in the menu bar then “Previews” and finally select “Discard Smart Previews” and then “Discard 1:1 Previews”

1.5 Now go back to the same menu, still with all those photos selected, but this time, choose “Build 1:1 Previews”, “Build Standart-Sized Previews”, “Build Smart Previews”.

1.6 Close Lightroom

1.7 Open Fotomagico, go to Images tab, right-click (or ctrl+click) Lightroom and select Reload.

Now Lightroom re-renders these previews in the full resolution in their current development state.

  1. You can also export the images you want to use in your slideshow to a folder and then add this folder to FotoMagico. It might make sense to create a new Publish Service called “FotoMagico” that exports to ~/Pictures/FotoMagico on your Harddrive. Every time you create a newly published collection in there, Lightroom will create a subfolder that will automatically show up in FotoMagico as well. Once you edit your master images further, all you need to do is press the “Publish” button again and all the updated photos will be republished to the original folder.