Lightroom Collections not showing in the Images section

I have several collections in Lightroom and I found a help video on Youtube that shows how to show Collections on older versions of Fotomagic. How do I get my Collections in the viewer so I can create slideshows?

Well - I kind of have the same problem. I got the Lightroom Libraries activated to show in the image browser. But nothing ;-( Would be nice to know what’s the problem there.

I am runninch 5.1.3

Same problem here. I just purchased FM (5.4.3 Pro) and I am attempting to use it with Lr (CC 2015.12).

I have created 1:1 previews for the images of interest. In FM I can see images in “standard” collections, but not in “Smart” collections. I have read other (older) posts in this forum that indicate they can import from Smart Collections, but not from standard collections. My experience is the opposite.

I realize that I can export the desired images from Lr, then drag them into FM - but then what’s the point of FM’s “Lightroom” library section in the Image Browser?

I really hope there is something I can do to allow import from Lr Smart Collections!