Lightroom classic and media browser

I am using Lightroom Classic 13.4 and FotoMagico 6.6.
In media browser under <Libraries> and <Adobe Lightroom Classic> two subfolders “folders” and “collections” are displayed.
The images are on a network drive.
My problem is that the images from the collections subfolder are only sometimes displayed in the media browser with a preview image, but mostly not. Right-clicking with Reload does not work. Only a frame is displayed.
What is the reason for this and what can I do?
Thanks in advance.
Regards, Wolfgang

Hi @Wolfgang_Jost Thanks for using FotoMagico and for reaching out in the forum.

If I’m not mistaken, this is because for Adobe Lightroom Classic, you need to have preview images in sufficient resolution rendered for all the pictures you plan to use. This is a setting in Lightroom.

Hello Oliver, thank you very much for the feedback. I am aware of the request to set the preview to 1:1 in LR. The preview is already set to 1:1. So that can’t be the cause.
It must be due to the LR collection. The same images are displayed correctly in the original folder.
Only the images of the collection are displayed with a blank frame and with file name.