Lightroom Catalog Wrong Version

I cannot connect to my Catalog of Lightroom CC (version 9.1). FotoMagico5 pro recognizes it but tells me, that the catalog is of the wrong version. I have opened the catalog with Lightroom to no avail.

The Error message in german:
“Bitte versuchen Sie zunächst, den Katalog mit Lightroom CC zu öffnen, um seine Version anzupassen. Falls erfolgreich, starten Sie das Programm bitte erneut.”

I have a similar problem. I am new to FotoMagico, and began exploring with the Demo version. I then bought the Pro version. (I didn’t download a new program, but just applied the license key.)

I can get Lightroom and Photos to show up in the “upper” part of the Image Browser, but when I try to open the libraries, I can’t get any images to show in the “lower” part of the Browser. When I click on Lightroom I get an error message saying that the catalog associated with Lightroom “has an incompatible version”. The identified catalog works normally with Lightroom itself.

I can drag images directly into the Storyboard from the Finder, or from Photos, but I can’t drag them into the Image Browser.

I also can’t “Add” a folder to the “upper” part of the Image Browser. When I right-click I get an Add button, but when I try to “open” a folder nothing happens.