Lightroom Catalog Wrong Version

I cannot connect to my Catalog of Lightroom CC (version 9.1). FotoMagico5 pro recognizes it but tells me, that the catalog is of the wrong version. I have opened the catalog with Lightroom to no avail.

The Error message in german:
“Bitte versuchen Sie zunächst, den Katalog mit Lightroom CC zu öffnen, um seine Version anzupassen. Falls erfolgreich, starten Sie das Programm bitte erneut.”

I have a similar problem. I am new to FotoMagico, and began exploring with the Demo version. I then bought the Pro version. (I didn’t download a new program, but just applied the license key.)

I can get Lightroom and Photos to show up in the “upper” part of the Image Browser, but when I try to open the libraries, I can’t get any images to show in the “lower” part of the Browser. When I click on Lightroom I get an error message saying that the catalog associated with Lightroom “has an incompatible version”. The identified catalog works normally with Lightroom itself.

I can drag images directly into the Storyboard from the Finder, or from Photos, but I can’t drag them into the Image Browser.

I also can’t “Add” a folder to the “upper” part of the Image Browser. When I right-click I get an Add button, but when I try to “open” a folder nothing happens.

Same problem here. Makes it impossible to have an efficient workflow and reduces fun working with FM to a minimum, as pictures dragged into timeline from Lightroom are unedited – and therefor not meant to be in a presentation.
Lightroom as well as FM are currently running in their latest version.
Support, any idea to get round that issue?

I’m struggling with this problem for two years now, regularly contacting Boinx support. They are not able to help. :frowning: