Lightroom 4

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I just bought FotoMagico in the Apple Apps Store and I’m trying to make my first show. However, FotoMagico doesn’t seem to recognize Lightroom 4 catalogues. Should it be able to see these?

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I am sorry, the Lightroom 4 library is currently (FotoMagico version 3.8.5) not supported.

Any news on when Lightroom 4 will be supported?

The new version of FotoMagico (4.0) will support the LightRoom 4 Library. If we do a release for Version 3 there might be this feature as well but I can’t promise.

And again I have to repeat my question: When will it happen? (and will the upgrade to 4.0 be free?)

I have to say that I feel mislead by the information on your homepage when I bought this product. It says about the Pro version (which is the one I bought) that it supports Lightroom Library Integration. It doesn’t say anywhere that it’s only Lightroom 3, and had I known that I wouldn’t be able to use my Lightroom library, I probably wouldn’t have bougth the product at all.

I am sorry for this situation. Unfortunately we didn’t expected that Lightroom 4 would have dramatic changes in the library format. And because there is no official way to access this library we have to figured out each time the library changes how to access the data we are interested in. This takes some time and efforts. Please be patient, we are doing our best to get Lightroom 4 into FotoMagico. If you are unhappy with the situation you can always request a refund where you bought it.

I don’t think the apple app store store will refund the purchase…
But what I don’t understand is why you keep saying on the product page that the software has Lightroom library integration, but you do not specify that it has to be Lightroom 3 or older. So, as I see it, you are still misleading your customers.

Sorry! The guy who can change the pages wasn’t available those days. Today we are changing it. Thanks for pointing this out.

I also bought FotomagicoPro just yesterday and also upgraded to Lightroom 4. I was not aware your product wouldn’t work with LR4 - it’s very frustrating and I’m not sure what to do about it. I need AV software for a presentation and my LR catalogue has now been converted to LR4. What do you suggest?

A word of advice from one LR4 user to others:
LR generally only offers us the RAW files, and not pre-rendered jpegs (like Aperture does). As we can’t render the RAWs with all the adjustments we can only display the RAW files.
That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but my favorite way of using FotoMagico and Lightroom is creating a Publish Services for Slideshows, where I Export all the images I am going to use. There are JPEGs in the resolution I want and completely rendered including all adjustments. This folder can be added to the folders section in FotoMagico. Like this you can use FotoMagico in conjuction with LR4.
Oh and yes: that will take extra space on your harddrive.

Just to clarify, you can save jpeg’s from lightroom 4 into a folder and then use them in photomagico 3?