Licensing policy

is there any chance to purchase FotoMagico 6.x with perpetual licensing instead of subscription?

Thank you

Hi Safi, a perpetual license model doesn’t fit todays world with constantly evolving technology and economic realities. Software development has become more complex and expensive and users expect the software to keep up with their latest devices and all the platforms they are using. Basically, we would have to ship a paid upgrade two or three times a year. I don’t think you will be happy if FotoMagico stopped working with the next release of MacOS or any of the image sources.

Thank you very much Oliver for your prompt reply.
I understand your reasons, but not all users are professional who can efford (or for which it’s worth) a subscription. I’m an advanced amateur photographer who doesn’t need the “last” available feature/upgrade and - on the other hand - old releases of this tool (that I love) still work on the last available macOS release.
I really hope you’ll find out a compromise between your reasons and my reasons that I guess are the one of million users in the world.

Hi @Safi BTW, did you know that you can only pay for the license when you’re actually create or edit a slideshow? You can always watch and show slideshows even without a license. This makes FotoMagico 6 much more affordable for the people who use it only a couple of times per year.