License Creatable "Pick A Bundle"

Hi. I bought PhotoMagico through the Creatable Bundle but the provided license doesn’t activate the software. Says License Key incomplete or incorrect. I understand it needs my name to activate, but this is probaly a generic code. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Maybe someone from Boinx would be so kind to answer my question concerning their software? Thanks.

Don’t bother. I’ve discovered the secret.

@Jozzzzz Thanks for buying FotoMagico! Can you please explain how do you solved the issue? Other users may encounter the same pit fall and would be thankful for an explanation. We at Boinx want to know if we can do anything to avoid it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem they could help me, please, thanks

@Jozzzzz The same thing happens to me, you could help me

@josefco Please contact

I already contacted the support, I do not receive help, I need that application
can you help me, thanks

I just sent you your license key via direct message.

Thank you so much Oliver, I’ll try