Length of Video clip added to slideshow

This is my first time making a slideshow. I added a 60 second movie to the series of still pictures in my slideshow. When I previewed the slideshow, the movie only played for as long as the other photos did in the slideshow which was about 5 seconds and not its full 60 seconds. How do I get the movie to play in its entirety within the slideshow? :-0

I just figured it out!

For those who will face the same problem:

  • Select the slide in the timeline which is at the beginning of your audio
  • Add the audio file to your selection by holding down the “option” key and clicking on the audio item in the timeline.
  • Find the menu “Slideshow” in the main menu bar and select “Match > Slide Durations To Audio”

You can also select multiple slides along with your audio item and let FotoMagico match them. The slides will get spread even over the duration of your audio.

I followed these instructions to the letter, but my video still cuts off before it’s supposed to. The timing is exactly the same as before. Can you help?