Layers Question and maybe an enhancement request?

Is there any way to change the icon on the Layer in the layer stack? For example, rather than having the generic silhouette of a persons head in the Placer Layer, I’d much rather have the persons face (or logo, graphic, whatever I have on the placer.) It would allow for much quicker identification of the layer - this is especially important when the unplanned / unexpected happens and you need to locate a layer quickly.

Also, as I build projects with more and more layers, it would be helpful to be able to group layers together. I know that layer Sets sort of do that (and much, much more!) but I’ve taken to creating “dummy” layers to separate out my layers visually for different parts of my show. It would be much nicer to have layer groups that can be collapsed etc similar to the way Source Groups do.


+1 for this.

As my projects get more complicated I’m experiencing exactly the same issues.

@Kebbel i like your work around of using dummy layers as separators.

I’ve wondered the same thing and think this would be a great add for the next round of revisions to mimoLive.

Surely naming the layers and layer stacks correctly is the best way to identify them quickly. Maybe color coding could be helpful. But custom graphics seem like a liability to me. Extra links to external sources while the ‘problem’ can be solved without.
Grouping would be nice. Although you have to respect layer orders for the image so grouping might not be straightforward.
Maybe multiple documents that send video to a ‘main’ mix document can do what you’re looking for?

I of course name my layers and layer stacks quite carefully, however when you have 5 (or 20!) or more placers in a row your ability to identify which is which in a live scenario becomes challenging. Colours would definitely help, but I’m not sure what liability custom graphics would present except in the most outlier of situations. These graphics could easily be enforced to be a maximum size / resolution. I know grouping would be a bit contentious, but really important as the number of layers increases – just need to be clear to all users that grouping does not affect the layer order, its just a convenience for the user. I’ve experimented with multiple documents, but it really complicates things – especially control surfaces (which I am very dependent on)….yes you can use automation layers to link everything, but thats really over engineering what I want as a simple group.

Coloring would be a great help in identifying the different layers. Also ‘grouping’ them would be helpfull to avoid long lists.