Layers are stitched together and cannot move separately

I have 4 layers and want to move separately but they remain stuck together. Thanks in advance for comments. Regards, Hans Netherlands

I’ve never seen multiple layers “stuck together” so that if you move one, you move them all as a group. Sounds like you’re trying to get that to stop. And I’d like to find a way to make it happen!!!

I am trying to move one layer when five are close by. How do I isolate it?

Either in Storyboard or Timeline mode, select each of the layers you DO NOT want to move, do a right click, and from the drop-down menu choose “Locked” ( or Layer > Locked) – each should display a little “lock” icon on the thumbnail image. Now choose the thumbnail image of the layer you DO WANT to move, and go ahead and move it on the stage where you want it. Now go back and unlock the locked layers. Proceed again if you want to choose a different layer. A frustrating issue is that you can’t see any particular layer “underneath” a higher layer. One option is to drag the layer you want to work with to the TOP of the layers, then when you’re done rearrange the layers the way you want them.