Layer Variants in Companion module?


Anyone know when layer variants will be available in the Bitfocus Companion Module?

I’m not sure, but if layer sets are available, you could manage this in the meantime by defining layer sets.

Yes, that’s a possible workaround.

However, when you have 40+ variants your literally doubling that with layer sets.

You only have 40 variants? It seems to be that your document is realy tiny. <3

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Hi @Oliver_Boinx,

Any timeline for an update to the API to allow indexing of the layer variants in the Companion Module?

As of earlier this year, the Companion module now lets you address specific variants directly, using the API endpoint.

There is a plan to allow configuring buttons by [layer/variant] index, as you can with layers currently; but that first needs some changes to be made to the mimoLive API.

Why changes?
You can even read out the type of the field (bool at input-descriptions) and create the url with your app. Names, ending on _TypeSignal, are just true-toggles, so ‘signals’.

pattern - needs to be rawurlencoded after =:

?update={"input-values": {"fieldName": true}}

Names can be extracted from input-descriptions, too.