layer trigger

Hey !
Is there a way to put a layer "on air " with a midi device or other device without the keyboard?

I found on quartz composer a boolean “on air” and works great on quartz with a midi trigger… but on quartz its not work… i miss something ?
Im trying use OSC message to control the layers by a MIDI device and other device hardware devices…

If you are referring to the protocol input “tvIn_OnAir” (documented here: ) then this is just a flag that tells the layer composition that its actually live. The composition itself can’t tell mimoLive to switch itself live. So currently you will need some 3rd party app that converts midi signals to keyboard shortcuts. Those keyboard shotcuts must match the once you assigned to the layer itself you want to trigger. Does this help?

I was a little sad to hear this. I had great ideas about how updates in the compositions could act autonomously.
An example … a composition that receives sensor information could come live with every new fact. At that moment the sensor triggers an audible warning to the operator showing a new fact. but I need the action of the operator. this could be automatic.

About converting midi to keyboard inputs can be a good way. At that moment the biggest difficulty I feel and how to enter information without depending on a single keyboard … in our ob van we work in 4 people and all of them contribute to the CG.
Some generate statistics from the games, others take care of the score, and the relationship with the sponsors and their promotions.
For example, the presenter could not choose via remote control which player he wants to see the statistics. at that time he needs a screen with 50 squares per team. where he could just input the player’s number.

They are just ideas.
I love the mimo live!