Layer sets constantly forget their settings in mimoLive

Hi. I’m trying to use layer sets to change the status of various layers at once in mimoLive. This works perfectly at first, but usually after about 20 minutes or so, the settings in each set seem to change, so when I activate them, the wrong layers are made live. This happens both when the document is saved, closed and reopened, and when the document has stayed open the whole time.

Sorry to hear about the problems. Can you please let me know what version you’re using?

It’s the latest stable version, i double checked for an update before I posted! Also running the latest stable version of macOS.

Does the user interface reflect those changes or does the user interface tell something different than what actually happens? (You can check the settings of a Layer Set with the action gear)

Yep, the UI shows the changes.

Please can you share your mimoLive project with us, so we can have a look if its project specific? Please send it to with refering on this forum post.