Layer API Endpoint vs. Layer ID

Pretty straight forward to find Layer API Endpoint. However, while using Automation layer, I’d like to use Layer ID. Where can I obtain that?


That is basically the same thing. You can leave out parts, so that it refers to the current document.


Cool…and how do I resolve the Endpoints changing when the filename changes? Would be very cool to have a utility that resolves this. I have an automation that has 10 different endpoints. It seems like I need to replace them every time I change the save filename.

Good point. Each API Endpoint needs to be unique, that’s why they change if you make a copy of the document under a different name. We should have automatic placeholders for the document ID that can be used in the scripts like “$docID” or something like that.

Yes, good point. Like $global[LayerStack][LayerName][VariantName]. What a wonderful idea! <3