Latest version of Mimolive can't be opened

This is about the third time this has happened, but my latest version of Mimolive cannot be accessed from my Applications folder anymore. I still have access to the earlier one 5.9.1 - not the most updated version. Can someone please advise on my next steps? Update again? What could be causing this? Message is: " You can’t open the application “mimoLive 2 copy” because it may be damaged or incomplete.

Sorry, no clue.

You could delete all versions and download the version you need from the connect plattform.

Hi @elissa Sorry about the troubles. This happens when macOS thinks the application has been tampered with. For example, if it is copied to a USB stick and moved to a different computer or shared over AirDrop, the Apple Gatekeeper doesn’t allow execution to prevent security risks.

I’m not sure about your specific case though, as this usually doesn’t happen if you just simply move mimoLive around on your local drive.