Large screen slideshows

I am making slideshows and want the duration of slides to be five seconds with a fade through black transition, looping and auto-play so there’s no menu.

The slideshows usually have fewer than 25 images. They don’t have sound. They are burned to a DVD and played by consumer DVD players on big screens The images are created as 16" x 9" slides created in InDesign and exported as jpgs. The screens are 55" x 33" and located in our lobby to show upcoming events. They need to be as clear as possible. Because they are unattended, they need to loop.

We were using iphoto and burning in Toast but I’m trying to increase the quality of the presentation.

I have also tried Adobe Encore, Power Point, Bridge, and Premiere and haven’t been able to improve the quality all that much.

I have heard on several other forums that FotoMagico will be able to do a better job than any of the other things I’ve tried.

Before I invest in yet another piece of software, can you tell me how fotomagico will do under these circumstances?


Hi Amber,

the problem is that when you are burning to a video DVD, a file has to be generated that meets the worldwide video DVD standards (PAL or NTSC depending on your region). So the resolution can’t be improved here, otherwise the DVD would not play on a standalone DVD player.

We have an FAQ article on our website how to improve quality of the DVD export inside FotoMagico (only available with FotoMagico Pro):

If BluRay is an option for you, the HD export of FotoMagico will look much better. The file FotoMagico creates out of that one can be easily burned with any BluRay compatible burning software (BluRay drive needed).

You can also use the free trial to test if FotoMagico fits your needs, just download from:

When you want to purchase it you just have to get a license and register inside FotoMagico.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for you!

Best regards,


Hi Amber,

Is using consumer DVD players an absolute requirement? If not then I suggest simply creating a standalone player and running it from a Mac computer (e.g. a Mac mini). This approach has two benefits:

  1. You get the best possible image quality (full resolution of your display) at 60fps.

  2. Endlessly looping slideshows only require clicking on one checkbox :slight_smile: