Keystroke not Appear correctly

I buy Mouseposé from appStrore, and i’l be sad :frowning: Keystroke not stroke all keys, only modifers. :frowning:
but i need all keys for make study videos about Vim editor.
mac os version: OS X 10.9.4 (13E28)

are you using Terminal or iTerm 2?

iTerm 2, but it not working in all system. IDE, Browser… etc

please make sure you have “secure input” turned off in iTerm 2 (click iTerm in the menubar und uncheck “Secure input”) it seems to capture all the non-modifier keys.

No effect, and what does it have to do with iTerm 2? Mousepose keystroke not work in all system. :frowning: regardless of the application

i think it’s related with mac os X. keyCastr App not working correctly too.

Can you please also check if in System Preferences > Security & Privacy, Mouseposé is checked in the Accessibility section of Privacy.
Since other apps have the same issue I am not sure where is issue could come from other than here.

yes is checked of course, “Punto switcher” has some issue, and they send update, now PS work.

Reboot of my computer is resolve trouble :smiley: