Keynote with video

Hi folks. I’m trying to use MimoLive to incorporate a number of on stage cameras (5 or so) into what is essentially a keynote presentation. At the moment I’m running a Keynote presentation and just one camera - I crash out of Keynote and pop up the camera running in a Quicktime Player window. It works but is clunky and ugly. Clearly, MimoLive will let me control and hop between the 5 stage cameras as needed, but is there a way to incorporate a presentation into this? Thanks in advance for any help



I can think of two ways to get the Keynote-Presentation into mimoLive both requires a second Mac to run the presentation separately to mimoLive:

Hardware solution: You can run Keynote on the secondary display port of your presentation Mac and use an HDMI grabber to get the video signal into the mimoLive Mac as a video source.

Software solution: Both Macs need to be on the same network (I would recommend a wired network because of the stable bandwidth. Then use the NDI Scan Converter app (available here ) on the presentation Mac to send the captured screen to the mimoLive Mac. Add an “NDI Source” to your sources list and receive the screen capture form the Keynote presentation Mac.

@“Marty Jopson” To add to Achim’s answer, I would recommend to use the hardware solution as it is more reliable and does not require installation of software on the presenter’s computer.

Ah-ha! A cunning solution. I just gave it a try using my iPad to run the presentation and the laptop to run mimoLive, and it worked a treat. Genius! Even the sound came across. Now, I wonder if I can control the iPad presentation from the iPhone at the same time as controlling mimoLive on the Laptop?

Oh my golly gosh! That is amazing. I can run the keynote on the iPad and have that in mimoLive (on the laptop) as an iOS Device source. I can then control both seamlessly on my iPhone (keynote on iPad and mimoLive on laptop) and flip between remote control apps using the home button double click. That settles it, I’m buying your software!

@“Marty Jopson” That’s great to hear. Glad you like it. Please post videos if you can, we love to see what people do with our software.

Yes, please post video! We’d like to see this setup as well.

When it all comes together I’ll see what I can do.