Keynote and FM stand-alone player

In my photo-shows I like present stories with single photos and music slideshow without discontinuance of the speech. For this purpose I render my FM slideshows as .MOV files, to incorporate in the keynote “box”.
I’d like to use FM stand-alone player, for the better quality.
Do you know if it’s possible to launch this kind of file directly in keynote?

Thanks a lot.


dege, Thank you for using FotoMagico.

Are you aware that you can set a slide to “continue on Mouse Click” and stop the slideshow at that point, for example to explain something? Together with the Chapter feature you can structure your slide show into various parts, some of which advance automatically to a set timing and others advance manually, when you press the a button.

Apart from that, I’m not aware of a way to play a standalone player slideshow inside Keynote.

Thank you for your answer, Oliver, and I’m sorry for my delay, not dependent on my will. Your suggestion is very intriguing, I knew the option “continue on Mouuse Click” but I never considered to use it to structure a full storytelling just with FM. Do you think I could assemble a narration with, for example, four FM slideshows deparated each other wuth 5-15 single photos? The overall size could be supported by FM? In my last photoevents I had a Keynote with these structure for 3,97 gB with 15-18min of FM.
Thank you for your help.