Keyboard shortcuts - two mimoLive docs running

I have two mimoLive documents open for my shows. If I create a keyboard shortcut in one of the documents, when I activate it my MBP makes an ‘error’ sound. Which I’ve realized is happening because the 2nd mimoLive document does not have the same keyboard shortcut.

Aside from creating a dummy placer layer in the second doc and assigning the same keyboard shortcut to it, is there another way around this? Or is this just a minor bug and I’m stuck with it?

Creating more buttons on my remote surface and using a second remote surface are not options.



Assign it here:

There, where you can see “Toggle”:
Click next to it and press your key-combination, which should be used. Do the same key-combination for both documents.

This leads to a simultaneous switch/toggle:

I defined CMD+P:

Before keypress:

After keypress:

Did you know, that you can activate “Tabs” for mimoLive?
Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-01 um 17.59.03

Other Computer?
If the documents are on different computers, you have to send API-Requests by the help of Automation-Layer (to both layers or layer variants).


To the beep-sound I cannot say anything. I’m sorry.

You could switch the System sound off. => System Settings => Audio => Effects.