Keyboard shortcut for next/previous slide

Is there a keyboard shortcut to go to the next/previous slide (in edit-mode)?
I enter my slide-durations numerical for each slide, so it would be more efficient if I could jump with the keyboard to the next slide.

Hi, Oliver –

I’m using FM 4.5.3. If I open a slideshow and choose to edit it either in the Storyboard mode or the Timeline mode, then PRESS the RIGHT-ARROW or LEFT-ARROW keys, I can go forward or backward one slide at a time.

Is that what you’re asking for? I don’t think that needs a keyboard shortcut :wink:

Thanks for your answer! That’s right, but if I’m in the duration box, left/right arrow will move the cursor inside the box. The only way to get out of the box is to click elsewhere. So there is no way to get to the next slide without the mouse.

Gotcha! A little misinterpretation on my part as to what you were trying to do.

If you want to adjust the slide durations so they are DIFFERENT from one slide to another, then unfortunately you’ll have to navigate to each slide using the mouse and then mouse into the duration box to change it. Time consuming, but that’s the only way to presently do it. Which I can understand is why you’re asking for that as a feature request :wink:

If you want to adjust the durations for MULTIPLE “adjacent” slides so that they are the same length, then in the timeline just select the first slide in the series, then do a shift-click on the last slide of the series, and then mouse to the duration box and change it – ALL of the selected slides will change to the same duration. I don’t know if you knew that, which is why I mentioned it.

Obviously I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve in your final presentation, but it seems a little odd to want (or need) to change the duration of EACH slide to something different.

Making a slide show is a creative process, and when you get a little too creative, it becomes a little harder. My wife and I have hundreds of slides we want to present using various audio (music) tracks. I’ll load all the slides in whatever order I want, add the music tracks, and then determine “about” how long I want each slide to display. I then use the Match > Slide Durations to Audio menu option and all of the slides associated with a particular track are given an equal time on screen. THEN, I go back and make whatever adjustments I need – lengthen one or more durations for this slide, shorten the duration for that slide, add another slide here, take one out there, etc., until it all works.

Thanks for sharing your workflow. Mine is a bit different.
My partner arranges the slides and sets each length (on paper) according to his text. Than I input his durations to get a guideline on how much time he needs to speak and fine-tune them to the music afterwards.

If there were a menu item to go to the next slide I could have used the keyboard system-preferences within OS X to set a shortcut.

Another workaround would be to import the slides and than edit the .plist-file of the slideshow, jumping from one duration to the next. But than I get no visual feedback.

So it stays a feature request.

Still staying a feature request :wink:

But, I might suggest another option (although I haven’t tried it myself, so I’m not sure it will work in FM). If you have a macro editor, like QuicKeys or Keyboard Maestro, you can try creating your own keyboard shortcut that will do what you want. (Basically, off the top of my head, mouse into the timeline area, click the right-arrow button, mouse to the duration edit box, then wait for your input – hit the keyboard shortcut and it will do it again).