Key & Fill with the ATEM

I’ve got an ATEM 4K and an UltraStudio 4K and I’m having trouble getting the key and fill signals to composite correctly in the ATEM. The key and fill coming from the UltraStudio 4K don’t look correct. They look just like the program output of mimoLive. I have the keying mode set to external in mimoLive, but I’m not getting actual key and fill signals out from the UltraStudio. What am I missing?

@“Jason Jenkins” You always find the best problems! :wink:

Indeed it seems as if playout for 4K isn’t yet working correctly. We’re investigating.

What version of the BMD Software are you using?

Have you set the UltraStudio 4K to use Single Link SDI?

I’m using 1080p 29.97, and yes, I have set the UltraStudio 4K to single link mode.

I’m using Desktop Video Setup 10.8.4 and ATEM Software Control 6.9.

Do you have at least a picture (key or fill…) in the multiview or nothing ?
If nothing : have you tried in 1080i59.94 ? Atem is very strict with video format inputs and often don’t “accept” 1080p formats (even if IT IS 1080p), specially when it is psf (where you need to be in fact in “i” mode)
So try to change your production format in Atem to 1080i.
If you prefer to let your ATEM in 1080p29.97 (because of other equipment in your system) then try to switch the Ultrastudio in 1080i.

Hi, William:

What I see for key & fill is just the program output from the ATEM; no graphics from mimoLive. When I enable SDI playout in mimoLive, the “key & fill” inputs disappear and all I see is black. I’ll try testing 1080i, but the last thing I want is interlacing :slight_smile:

I know :slight_smile:
On broadcast shows (in Europe) I work with cameras in 1080p25-> SDI out in ATEM 1080i50 -> recorder with 2:2 removal Psf -> PGM recorded in 1080p25. Works very well. Only the live is “i” but deinterlaced while streaming. 1080p don’t really exist for us in TV settings…

Just a follow-up on this topic. My trouble came from a misunderstanding of how this is supposed to work. When sending key & fill out to the ATEM, the ATEM becomes the compositor and mimoLive no longer shows the program/graphics composite, only the graphics. I was expecting to see the full composite both in mimoLive and on the ATEM multiview program window. So, if you are sending the program composite back to the ATEM, you can no longer stream or record from within mimoLive. If you are feeding an external recorder and/or streaming device, from the ATEM, this workflow would be great.