Ken Burns Effect

I use this all the time , but have to do it manually when creating a slideshow … can Ken Burns effect be set as a default ? If so how ?

FotoMagico remembers the last setting you made. So if you enable Animation for a slide and then add new slides to the storyboard, these will have animation enabled.

Just an opinion related to the Ken Burns Effect – do NOT over-use it!! It has become what some people think is the end-all/be-all for slide shows, but when EVERY slide has that effect, it becomes tiresome and boring very quickly. Use it judiciously. Use it if it helps to add emphasis to a photo. For instance, someone is climbing up a flight of stairs or walking away “into” the photo. Then use it to slowly zoom your image to let the audience feel like they’re walking with the person in the photo. Don’t just apply it to every photo – move left, move up, move down, move right, move random – over and over again. BORING!!!

My two cents :wink: