Ken Burns Effect - zoom & hold

Ken Burns effect software in iMovie & FotoMagico allow you to zoom, but not to hold the zoomed image at the end, as Ken often does with good effect. I can mimic this in iMovie (with difficulty) by duping the slide, and altering the start frame in the dupe to overlap the end framing. Is there a way to do a zoom and hold in FotoMagico?

Yes good question…my solution is to do a freeze frame or use a static image of that frame but it’s not the ultimate and works… I’m sure there’s a better solution so let’s hope… ; )

This is possible without trickery in FotoMagico. In the options sidebar you can adjust the Animation behaviour. Also end the animation before the slide ends. Simply shift the right triangles to the left.

Wow! FotoMagico has opened up a whole new world of effects - e.g., more closely allowing me to emulate the Ken Burns effect far better than in iMovie!