Has anyone seen or found a jitter type of transition. The transitions in the program all seem to be a smooth transition from one slide to another but I am looking for a more “horror-type” transition where one slide almost shakes into the other. TIA

Just pointing out that whether or not we’ve “seen or found a jitter type of transition” doesn’t mean it could be incorporated (by users, anyway) into an FM presentation, simply because it’s NOT part of the “built-in” set of transitions. It would be GREAT if any time we mention a transition we’d like to see that isn’t currently there, the guys at Boinx would just add it, but I’m sure it takes a bit of code to get that to happen. Wouldn’t it be even MORE GREAT if there was a way WE (as users) could somehow create our OWN transitions under an easy-to-implement “programming method” built into the application. But I’m fairly sure that’s beyond the scope of the original app’s intent.

Thanks Stantastic.

I was hoping that I just missed something. Trying to do something a little different to display some of my photographs in video format.