Jerky Video on iPhone

Hi, I bought FotoMagico Pro last year and everything was okay. Since upgrading my iMac and running BigSer when I output to MP-4 using the share - custom option my videos will not run smoothly on iPhones or similar devices, only on my iMac

I tested out a video using the iPhone option and then selecting SE, transferred it using Airdrop and it is playing perfectly well. How did you transfer it and what app are you playing it with on your phone?

Thanks for your reply.

As stated in my original text, I used the MP-4 option as I wanted to share with different devices. This sadly does not run correctly on my iPhone 11 plus.

I have overcome the problem by inputting the video to iMovie and using iMovie to save it as an MP-4 which then works when transferred to iPhone and other devices.

So, from my point of view your programme does not allow a custom video share option to run smoothly on an iPhone 11 plus

I do believe you to be an honest company, and thefore hope this feedback helps you further develop your otherwise excellent programme.



Hi Pete, thank you for your feedback. Of course, the videos exported from FotoMagico with the purpose of playing on iPhone need to play smoothly. It would be very helpful if you could send us the video that’s not playing smoothly and the FotoMagico slide show that created it so we can investigate. You can use WeTransfer or similar service and send me the link via direct message here in the forum.

As much as I would like to help, regrettably I cannot send you the video, as it features members of a theatre school I work with and copyright prevents me sharing. Please know I really appreciate your input. I think I’m probably doing something wrong, even though I simply followed the prompts. I have also read a recent software update has prevented MP-4 running smoothly on iPhones.

I presume I’m the only person who has experienced this problem, and thank you for your excellent customer focus and service

I suppose it could depend on how are you are moving the file to your iPhone. I have an SE and I used the iPhone drop-down to create what turned out to be and m4v file of one of my slideshows. I often use iMazing to move stuff between my laptop and my phone, but this time I used AirDrop. The disadvantage of that, it seems to me, is that it then places the movie file into my Photos app. I don’t find this the best place to play videos! But I have to say it played perfectly well.

So what app are you using to play the video? You might want to look at VLC player, which is an excellent free multi-platform app that plays all sorts of videos and audio formats on both OSX and iOS.To get the file into VLC on the phone you might need to use iTunes on your OSX machine.