Im new to Fotomagico and trying to use iTunes library. I am unable to see any songs. Many thanks

You don’t say exactly what you’ve tried already, so difficult to know where to go from here – BUT – when you open FM you should see in the center of the window, to the right there are 5 icons (Snippets, Images, Movies, Audio, and Options). Click on “Audio” and you SHOULD see at the top right where it says “Libraries” an entry reading “iTunes”. If you click on that entry you SHOULD see a list of all of your music in a list below the divider line.

NOTE (from the User Manual): DRM protected audio files that you downloaded from the subscription based Apple Music service cannot be used outside the iTunes application, so they will not be displayed at all in the Audio Browser.

If all of your music was purchased from Apple, that might be the reason you don’t see any tracks listed. If you “ripped” music from CD’s that you already own, they should show up. If you want to use tracks you purchased, you CAN convert them to an unprotected format (an exercise left to the reader :wink: