iTunes Playlists in OS Catalina - no show in FM

FM 5.6.10 - iTunes Playlists show in the Audio section of FM but they have no content, the content for all the Playlists show only as one continuous list in the MUSIC icon. However, that is a dreadful way to select a genre/track music to use, so time consuming and clumsy. Why is the Playlists no longer available as a separate access.

I’m running the latest version of FM 5.6.13 and it’s working fine for me. I’ve attached two images showing my prefs settings, my iTunes library, some of the playlists shown within iTunes, and the subentries of tracks within one of the playlists. Can you NOT get the iTunes library entry to show up at all, or does it not expand to show your playlists? And, are you sure the “Load iTunes library” box is checked in Preferences > Libraries?

Stantastic - Thanks for the advice, however, after a complete computer reboot the playlists are now available in my FM - see image. But Boinx sent a reply saying ‘Unfortunately, this option is not available in Fotomagico on Catalina’ - a bit odd as we both have it.

Hmmm?? Not sure why they responded that way. I updated to Catalina just a week or two after it was released and FM has worked for me ever since.