iTunes Library issue after moving all media to external HD


A few days back I moved my iTunes library and all media to an external HD. All applications but FM I have which have a dependency with iTunes (e.g. djay, Final Cut Pro) appear to be ok…but FM does not display all items in my iTunes library as it used to be before said disk migration. I tried by reloading, unchecking/restaring FM and then checking again in FM Preferences to load iTunes media, etc but with no positive results.

Anything else I should do to get this to work just as it used to?

FM 5.5.2., macOS High Sierra 10.13.1, iTunes

Please can you drag your entire external disc to the image browser in FotoMagico? This will give FotoMagico access to all files on the external disc and hopefully to your images too. Make sure to quit and restart FotoMagico after doing so.

Does this help?

Hi Achim,

The issue is not with images, the issue is with my DRM-free iTunes songs, it does shows an iTunes library but just 14 songs when I have thousands. If I click on any iTunes playlist it does not show anything but the 14 songs.

Does FM only fetches the iTunes library from the default path in the local HD? (e.g. ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music)?

How does it knows which library to use?