It's great to see some forums!

love the software! Looking forward to learning more from others.

  • also, wanted to start the posts on a happy note! :slight_smile:

Glad youโ€™re back! I have really enjoyed using iStopMotion. And hope you get lots of good feedback as well as the occasional complaint. :wink:

Fantastic. The forum is a really good idea and very helpful for Boinx users.

Hope it works well


Hi everybody,
love to see all the positive feedback so far! Looking forward to exchanging ideas.

Kudos! (Whatever that means!) A great company with great support and great products. The forum is much appreciated!

Bye R@y

I am happy to see a forum so we can share our creative endeavors as well as suggest solutions to problems.
On another note - good grief but people like to complain.

I am new with this software, but hope this forum will be a help.