It is done.

I sure wish the app store offered an upgrade channel to go from home to pro like the Boinx website offers. Now that I purchased the home version, I want to upgrade to Pro. I have to pay the full price for pro. If I originally purchased the home version from the Boinx website, I could have upgraded and a lower rate instead of paying the full price for both versions. I now suggest the 5 day trial of the home version from the Boinx website then if you like the software, consider which version (Home or Pro) is best for you.

Hi there!

I totally agree, it would be much easier for customers and even for us at Boinx if there was an upgrade option in the Mac App Store. But there is hope. Promo codes were not available in the beginning, and added in the meantime.

Regarding your concrete issue, please refund your current home purchase in the Mac App Store and re-purchase FotoMagico Pro.

The refund has to be requested from Apple. In the Mac App Store on the start page please click on "Support" in the "Quick links" box. Please look at this screenshot if you can't find it:

You will be redirected to the Apple support website. Please click on "Account and Billing" there and fill in the form. Apple will contact you.

There should be no problems in this process, although of course it's not too convenient...

Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for you!

Best regards

Rudolf Schubert
Boinx Software Ltd.

Dear R_Thomas,

Thanks for your comments. Please contact our support for a possible solution. I will keep lobbying Apple to eventually make it happen.



Dear R_Thomas,

You can rest assured that I will continue to lobby Apple to make it happen at every opportunity.



Thank you for the upgrade path. I will give it a try and if it works, I will upgrade to the pro version. I really like the software (though I am not a pro photographer). Also thank you for the fast response.

you are right ,I am very interesting in how you manage the build process with all the different products for the various sales channels