Issues with Final Cut


When I open a Fotomagic created slide show (.fms file) from within Final Cut and drag it to Final Cut time line, it shows footage for the first 10 seconds only! Fotomagic renders the slide show perfectly fine and produces a vide for the entire length of the slide / video show (~50 mins).

Any pointers on this? Any obvious things that I might be missing? This is my first attempt at this…

Also, how do I uninstall final cut plugins and reinstall / register once again? I am wondering if this is related to this process…


When dragging the FotoMagico generator into the Final Cut timeline, the bar is 10s long by default. You have to grab the right edge and drag it to the right to make the bar longer. For some reason Final Cut won’t let you make it longer than 1m5s - so if you need longer durations than that, you have to enter the correct duration numerically. Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about these issues in Final Cut. Maybe the new version (Final Cut Pro X) will be more intuitive in these respects.

Basti (our local video expert) should be able to give you more insight into these issues.

Hi, how do I enter the correct duration numerically ? I new to FCP ! Are there any manuals for PM with FCP ???


There is a short video tutorial how to achieve that available here:

I hope it’s ok if I won’t answer your email with the same question anymore then.