Issues with 5.10.1

Who else has issues with Mimo Live 5.10.1? . Last week got a notification for an update to 5.10.1 but when I updated I lost all input audio. I use a Rode caster Pro. I had to downgrade back to 5.10 for it to work. Also The Mimo live reporter app let’s the mimo live on my Mac crash when we try to connect. I’m not able to connect with others through this app.

Hi @lopez.jeff I’m sorry to hear about the issues and thank you for reaching out in the forum.

Regarding the audio, can you please let me know what macOS version you are using? And can you try to set the Audio Buffer Size in Preferences → General to 512?

Regarding mimoLive Reporter: There is a new web based client for mimoCall. Can you please try that?

Finally, please send me the crash report for mimoLive: Crash Reports - mimoLive - 5

Thank you for your support!