Issues streaming to Youtube

Last monday, I had 40MB/s to upload bandwith.
But youtube stream drop the connection every 1 minute or less.
With the network people we spend about 2 hours looking for closed ports or something like that, but nothing.

Then, for test purposes, I sent the Mimolive signal to OBS by virtual playout, and the problems gone

I had to use oBS instead Mimolive…

Mimolive 4.5
Macbook pro retina 15" late 2013 i7 2.3ghz, 16gb RAM

@JMVBMW Sorry to hear about the streaming troubles. Can you please let me know what OS version you are using? If you check the output destination, does it indicate that it uses hardware encoding or software encoding?

@JMVBMW Can you please try to use Custom RTMP in mimoLive instead of using the YouTube API based access?

I’m using El Capitan

I never had issues with youtube before.

I tried both account methods, login in preferences and custom RTMP, both same result

The encoding indicate hardware use

@JMVBMW Thanks for your patience. This information helps us narrow down possible causes. We’re following up a lead and will let you know when we find a solution.

Tried today my favorite Mimolive version, 2.6.4, no issues at all

@JMVBMW Thanks for that info. This could be key lead. We’re investigating.

@JMVBMW Thanks for your patience. We think we might have found the issue. Can you please download the and give that a try?

has anyone noticed a difference in using the youtube acct feature vs. the manual / custom RTMP stream options? I was testing the other night and had the issue pop up where it was wanting to stream to the old link from a prior show again, thus not really “live” so wasn’t sure if we’re still having YT issues again or not…